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Thank you from our Grads

We are so proud of our graduates. They have worked very hard and now are seeing the fruits of their labor. Much love to Shonell Benjamin. Below is her thank you note.

"Now that I'm attending Lawrence University as a Posse scholar I have to thank eyte for all the support they have given me. They gave me the chance to do a lot of community service which really made me more open minded about my environment. I became more willing to give back to the community. Not only did this qualify me for the Posse selection, it also helped me become a more well rounded individual. Working with them has taught me how to balance basketball, academics and my social life. Without the guidance from eyte, I don't think I would've gotten all the exposure I needed in order to succeed. With the support that I see they have with other college students I know that I'll be well off."


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