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EYTE's Literacy in the Park

Once a year, during the season of extremely warm weather and longer days, kids and teenagers face the serious threat of the "summer slide". The infamous "summer slide" is when kids and teenagers forget some of the knowledge they learned during the school year due to being on a long summer break. In efforts to combat the summer slide and allow kids to have a fun day at the park EYTE started Literacy in the Park Day!

In the summer of 2019, every Tuesday, kids from all over the neighborhood and local camps gathered at Nehemiah Park for days filled with read-aloud, games and other fun actives at the park. EYTE hired teachers, basketball coaches and SYEP workers from within the community. Kids of all ages not only had a reliable and convenient place to stimulate their brains with free books but they also had access to different games and activities to fill their day with fun. Literacy in the Park day is more than a couple of hours to keep kids busy, the teachers, coaches and the Summer Youth Employment Workers dedicated the time to create activities that are not only fun but keep them learning along the way.

EYTE hopes to keep continue this program this summer after such great turnouts last year and hopes to improve the program including more games, more books and more fun!


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