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Playstreet Initiative

Play Street is a six-week summer program that is dedicated to encouraging movement, creativity, and learning during the summer break.

Literacy in the Park

Reading is FUN-demental! That is why each day of our program we make time for read-aloud and independent reading for kids. If we have books to spare we love to share, so we encourage all of our participants to stop at our book giveaway table. There will be no summer slides on our watch!


Basketball Program

For those looking to go pro (or just to have a little fun), be ready to gear up for our basketball training program. In our training program, we aim to teach kids the basic skills, knowledge, and forms necessary to start playing ball.


Game Time

Join us for games galore! Kids can compete head-to-head in team game activities, like tug-of-war, or play their friends one on one in any of the board games.

Kids Playing Tug of War

STEM Workshops

EYTE summers are about encouraging creativity and developing curious minds. Our STEM workshops allow kids to try out various easy-to-do experiments and learn about how science relates to the world around them.


Yoga/Mindfulness Activities

There is always time to woooosahhh with EYTE. Amidst all our activities, we encourage kids to take a break to do some mindfulness breathing and stretching exercises.


Photography/Film Workshop

For those interested in getting behind the camera look out for our photography/film workshops.

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