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Summer of 2020 for Empowering Youth Towards Excellence

As New York begins to phase out of quarantine and students and teachers bask in the freedom of summer break, it has officially started to feel like summer time. But, before we begin the second half of this year, EYTE wants to recap on these past months in quarantine and talk about plans for the future, hopefully a COVID-19 free future.

Rest In Peace

Earlier this year, in April, Empowering Youth Towards Excellence lost two of its family members, Ms. Kitty and Isaiah Sanders. The lost of these two beautiful souls weighed heavy on the hearts of EYTE founder, Mr. Johnson, and all of Empowering Youth's members and volunteers. Ms. Kitty and Isaiah are remembered for their generous and considerate spirits, they were always willing to lend a hand to those in need, and for having such warm personalities that people couldn't help but to want to be embrace by them. In honor of their legacy with EYTE, we would like to start a scholarship on behalf of them that is dedicated to helping those in need. The Ms.Kitty and Isaiah Sanders scholarship will be given to college students who are need in of financial assistance in order to be able to afford textbooks and school supplies for the upcoming fall semester. As we continue on into the next half of this year, EYTE will continue to think of ways to honor and preserve their memory. Stay up to date on all. EYTE platforms to learn how you or someone you know can apply for this scholarship

Thank You Teachers!!

During this pandemic a lot of well deserved attention has been given to the health care and essential workers who continued to consistently show up to work in order to support their communities and keep the city running. However, EYTE would like to give a special shout out to teachers and educators who had to work from home during the quarantine. EYTE would like to applaud teachers and educators for adapting to this new normal as quickly as possible despite the obstacles they may have faced, for example having to quickly learn how to work various technological devices and platforms or having poor internet connection, and for spending all hours of the days trying to think of engaging and interactive lessons plans to keep the students' attention. Too often teachers and educators are underappreciated and unacknowledged despite the above and beyond efforts for their students. EYTE sees you and we thank you!

Extra special shout out to EYTE's local Brownsville teachers Ms. Morgan (on the left) and Ms. Maysonet (on the right)!

Virtual Events!!

For young people, ages 17-24, there is a weekly virtual summer program called Rebound that provides training, one-on-one sessions and workshops that help individuals gain career development skills. Rebound is hosted by career coaches, one of whom is Mr. Johnson, who assist young individuals in developing essential skills to help them prosper in the job market and uses basketball and fitness as one of their tools to help young people build confidence in their abilities. In order to join the program, you can call the number of the program director (listed in the above flyer or on our Instagram) or you can attend one of the weekly zoom meetings to talk to the career coaches about enrolling.

For people of all ages, Brownsville Think Tank Matters host weekly Monday meetings that are dedicated to creating a space in which people can safely and openly discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of the world has impacted their lives (mentally, emotionally, physically, etc.) Brownsville Think Tank Matters would like to focus on emotional, spiritual and mental wellness, on top of physical health, in these meetings so that people can know that they have a community to unload all of there feelings upon and that there are people readily willing to embraced them. To join these meetings, simply use the zoom link listed on the flyer on Empowering Youth Toward Excellence Instagram.

Lastly, it is never too late to say congratulations to all of the students, all over the world who graduated during this difficult and tumultuous time. EYTE would like to shout out and applaud all of the graduates who preserved and remain dedicated to their studies despite not being in a classroom or reaping the benefit of senior activities. EYTE sees you! EYTE wants to celebrate you in all of your glory as you move on to the next stage in your academic career! So if you or someone you know would like to be exclusively shouted out on EYTE's Instagram page, follow and message us on our Instagram or send us an email! Make sure to include any photos and/or caption that you would like included in the post, as well as your Instagram handle if you would like to be tagged in the post! Congratulations class of 2020! You did it!

Those part of Empowering Youth Towards Excellence love what we do! Everyday we get to meet and engage with amazing young people who are on track to be great things! However, in order for us to keep supporting these inspiring young people and all of their goals we need your help! Here are some ways you can show your support of Empowering Youth Towards Excellence:

  • Follow us on our Instagram and Facebook @eyteinc

  • Visit our website and like and share our post

  • Donate to EYTE's GoFundMe page (which help us fund our college care packages,, community events, and scholarships)

  • Attend our virtual events! We want to hear from you!

  • Tell a friend! Simply spreading the word about all the great work EYTE would be a great help

And, as always, remember to stay focused and drink water!

To honor the memory of Ms.Kitty and Isaiah


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