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In Memory of Those We Have Lost

In early April of this year Empowering Youth Towards Excellence lost two bright souls and close members of our family. Ms. Kitty was well-known as the designated grill master at EYTE's park events and everyone look forward to turning out just to be enveloped by her outgoing personality. Isaiah volunteered with Empowering Youth Towards Excellence and was mentored by Mr. Johnson since he was in middle school. The passing of Ms. Kitty (top right and left) and Isaiah (bottom left and right photos) weighed heavy on the hearts of EYTE founder Mr. Javon Johnson and all of the members and volunteers of EYTE. To this day, we are thinking of ways to honor their memory and legacy as not only EYTE members but as amazing human beings. .

A Letter from Mr.Johnson

Dear EYTE family,

It is with a heavy heart that EYTE has to announce the passing of one of its family members. Our beloved sister and friend Ms. Kitty aka 'the General'. Ms. Kitty was the glue that held EYTE's "ITS MY PARK DAY " and " WELCOME BACK BBQ FOR OUR COLLEGE STUDENTS "together. 

I met Ms. Kitty when I was hired by Stan Kinard at the Carter G. Woodson after school program at P.S. 150. I was amazed at this beautiful tall sister who commanded respect and showed lots of love to up 100 students‍‍‍‍. She moved like a general having things run smoothly. She was famous for saying "THIS IS WHAT I DO". We heard that line a lot through the years. She organized the end of year BBQ for the after school program. It was always a Ms. Kitty production. It was never just a BBQ. It was a Ms. Kitty show. I asked her could she help EYTE with our events and how much would she charge.  She said " You and Cyrus helped me with my son. So anything I can do to help EYTE I will do". She was a woman of her word. Ms. Kitty introduced me to everyone in Brownsville and East New York that could help Empowering Youth Towards Excellence (EYTE) . I remember one time I had someone else do the BBQ  because I thought it was too cold to have Ms. Kitty outside and all the children were asking for Ms. Kitty. They kept saying "Ms. Kitty is not here, this is WACK!"

Ms. Kitty please rest in heaven. You have helped shape and mold the lives of many children in a positive way. No back Cee until we see you again. Our prayers go out to her family and loved ones.

With love, Javon Johnson  CEO and Founder of EYTE

A Letter From Mr.Johnson

Dear EYTE family,

It is with great sadness that EYTE shares the news of one our very own, Isaiah S. aka Black Jesus. Please pray for me, Cyrus and his family. This is a really hard one for me. Cyrus and I met Isaiah when he was in the eighth grade. We were working with him on his basketball skills and with getting him ready for college. We were so proud of him. However even after he came home he was still trying to find himself. Cyrus and I worked with him during that time too. He said people were telling him you are sounding more and more like Mr. Johnson. He would laugh at me when I would tell him that I was going to the gym. One day he shared that he found his passion. It was fashion. He would do fashion in front of and behind the camera.  He was a legend in the making. Cyrus and I let him know that we were so proud of him. He also started his own cleaning business. 

Isaiah please SLEEP IN PEACE!!! WE LOVE YOU 

With love, Javon Johnson CEO and Founder of EYTE


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