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iPhone Game app and Coachella Tix Raffle

Our student Egomeli Hormeku, has created an iPhone game app, called Late Night Great Night.

Late Night Great Night provides a quick and easy way to spark thought provoking conversation and make for a greater social setting. This app showcases cleverly crafted question cards with a single swipe, and uses time and action cards to add to the level of excitement. Unlike any other conversation card game, Late Night Great Night is powered by its players, making each game a one of a kind experience.

Late Night Great Night App Features:

30 second timer to add to a creative answer frenzy! Question bank to mingle, flirt, debate, and challenge old and new friends! ‘Make Your Own Rule’ cards that make no two games the same!

Random Action Cards to up the ante!

Play-ability for large groups!

Free monthly updates with new cards/questions!

Living Card Game Feature: Players can submit questions on our site for the world to see!

Late Night Great Night ($1.99) is available now in the Apple App Store here.

Early downloads will be eligible to win tickets to Coachella 2014 in Indio California! See flyer and app poster below.

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