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Testimony: Kendra Thomas

We know the youth have the potential to shine bright with a little guidance. Kendra is RA at Wells College. Here's Kendra's story:

The summer of 2016 will forever be one of my most memorable because it affirmed the potential I see for myself after Wells College. Empowering Youth is an organization that supports students in their growth to excellence. For the summer of 2016 my internship took place in Brooklyn’s Namaskar founded by both Bob Law and Muntu Law. Namaskar is a full service health and wellness shop offering a wide range of natural products. The health that Namaskar provides is one that focuses on healing from the inside out. Herbalism or herbology is the use of plants for medicinal or curative purposes. Namaskar has constantly proved to me that a healing of the public is possible through our natural resources from the earth. The biggest way they have shown me this is not that their shop has been open for 25 years but that 90% of their customers are regulars who then recommend the shop that chooses to cure their customers through training the body to work optimally and then adding natural remedies to that body that they have aided to operate on a higher level. Before Namaskar I have always had a strong fascination with herbology. Namaskar has enhanced that connection and my drive to have my business based around herbology and holistic health. It’s sad to think that without Empowering Youth I would not have experienced this confidence building life enhancing experience. Though Empowering Youth made the internship possible another program that assisted me as well is the Rebound Program who guided me through my experience and made it possible for my internship to be a paid one, improving my experience. The College students that have the opportunity to work with one or both of these programs, like myself will have more leadership roles in their life, guiding them towards their preferred positive direction. All in all not only did I receive a paid internship this summer, all my college experience involved with Empowering Youth I have received care packages filled necessities like natural soaps, snacks, detergent, water and reusable water bottles. These care packages are sometimes hand delivered by both my advisors Javon Johnson and Cyrus Smith. Empowering Youth truly believes in making sure their students well taken care of and in the best position possible. ScheduleSchedule

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