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Quiana Prince of Dutchess Community College 






























Empowering Youth Towards Excellence has helped me not only through my walk with College but with after college as well. I started off as a teenager who didn't know what life would be like after high school nor did I have a plan for it either. I met Mr. Johnson through one of the sisters at church. He simply told me that when I was ready to start the college process to contact him. At that point I was working at a dead end job, that wasn't pushing me in the direction I wanted to go. It took me about four months before I contacted Mr. Johnson. After I did, it was a fast paced train ride from there, last stop college. EYTE worked one on one with me. When it was time for my session with them no time was wasted. EYTE introduced me to many schools that with my GPA I never thought I could go to.

I concluded my decision with a small community college upstate New York, Dutchess Community College. Without EYTE, I wouldn't have had food to eat especially on the nights my meal plan ran out. During my time at Dutchess, the EYTE team checked up on me periodically. From a quick email, down to a simple text message. When I would come home for summer vacation they would introduce me to many summer intern opportunities. Keeping me constantly busy and striving for excellence. 

I have now graduated from Dutchess Community College with honors, and am now moving on to the next step in my life, going for my bachelors in Psychology, and Exercise Science. Lastly, eventually when I become successful in my career I hope to repay them back in anyway that I can. Empowering Youth Towards Excellence still continues to aid me when I need it, and for this I am truly grateful and blessed to have met and worked with them.



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